Are You Eating Your Beets and Cinnamon? - Uncommon Health Secrets Get in the Know

Are You Eating Your Beets and Cinnamon? - Uncommon Health Secrets Get in the Know

Are You Eating Your Beets and Cinnamon?

Your mother always told you to eat your vegetables. This was a great principle to instill in children early so they learned the importance of healthy foods. Did she tell you to eat your Swiss chard and turmeric? Chances are you didn’t really have these foods at your dinners. There are probably a few foods that you might not know too much about but are actually really healthy for you. They are uncommon foods you should be eating. These foods are great for your body and healthy while also being relatively easy to find at a store. Read of following about uncommon foods you should be eating more often. They all have great benefits and power to fight of some health issues.

Beets: Though they might be something you usually avoid, beets are a great source of folate and might be able to fight off cancer with their naturally red pigment.Swiss chard: Want to protect your eyes? Try Swiss chard, a carotenoids-packed green vegetable that you can sauté in olive oil.

Cinnamon: To liven up your oatmeal, try some cinnamon. This food is great and is said to help keep blood sugar and cholesterol in check.

Pomegranate juice: Similar to blueberries, this juice has antioxidants and may help to decrease blood pressure.

Sardines: Think sardines are strange? They might be odd, but they are great for your health. Sardines are high in calcium as well as other periodic elements such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and copper.

Pumpkin seeds: In a pumpkin, the seeds are the most nutritious part and full of magnesium.

Turmeric: This spice is said to have properties to help with inflammation and cancer.

Cabbage: It’s not just for rabbits. This food has a chemical known as sulforaphane that helps the enzymes that fight cancer.

Frozen blueberries: Want something to last all year long? Grab and freeze some blueberries. These are great for using in yogurt, as well as improving your memory.

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