Chronic Stress Relief Part 1 Chronic Pain

Chronic Stress Relief    Part 1  Chronic Pain

Research indicates that pain is influenced by stress. Chronic stress is one factor that causes chronic pain.  Good news though, there are relaxation exercises that,  if used in your daily pain management routine, can help. We are prone to more and more worry today than we used to be and you are not alone there. Our nervous system keeps our body on edge and this increasingly takes its toll. Stress inevitably increases everywhere and muscles tense throughout the body and there you go. why not take a few steps to help yourself.  Start relaxing by decorating, at least your bedroom so the first thing you see when you wake up is something soothing, something beautiful. Maybe uncluttering some space will give you a sense of peace. Ask a friend to help you. Always remember that going outside, getting fresh air, is always a good idea. Think about it, sitting under a tree,  on a porch, a balcony listening to or watching the birds, hearing them sing. Have yourself a Zen moment. Close your eyes, try being in the moment, breath deeply, in through your nose and out your moth. This will clear your head, good for headaches too. Keep going, for a few moments longer if possible, forget your worries and pain, and relax. I truly hope this post helped a little and you feel a bit better and a little project to think about to start feeling better. Best, Ines

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